The complexity of even the most basic cars being sold now is light years removed from where it was even 5 years ago.  The two biggest changes, of high strength, low weight metals and precise electronic based safety systems are largely invisible to the vehicle owner.  Accurate collision repairs start with the right damage assessment and diagnosis.

Information is provided by the manufacturers and other reputable sources on these metals and systems and the correct repair methods are based on this information.  At Able in Grove Collision, we take seriously the responsibility to use this information to ensure that the damage assessment is accurate. A well-written damage report will also allow us to explain the repair to the vehicle owner with as much detail as needed.

We have three damage appraisers on staff and an appointment is not needed to start the assessment process.

Collision Repair Authorization

After the assessment is completed, if it is an insurance claim we send the report to the insurance company and schedule the repair.  Approval for the repair from the insurance company is usually very fast and we can schedule the repair with the knowledge that we will have the approval before the scheduled date.

If there is no insurance company involved we carefully explain the damage report to you before requesting your authorization.

Scheduling the Repair

After the damage assessment has been approved the schedule for repair can be set. In this we make every effort to provide service that works to your schedule.

If the vehicle is drivable it is best to minimize the time the car will be here by ordering needed parts to be here before the car is brought in. If a courtesy car is needed, we have 4 cars in our fleet and access to rentals if more are needed. If a truck or SUV is needed we can arrange to have appropriate rental vehicles here.

With a simple repair, we will be able to tell you with confidence when the car will be ready for pickup. With more complex repairs many variables affect the repair schedule and it can be difficult to know the completion date. We will provide our best estimate of time before the repair starts and keep you informed during the repair.

The Repair Steps

This same detailed information that was used to provide the initial assessment and repair cost is used to generate a repair plan for the repair technicians. There are too many variations from one car to the next to expect the repair techs to know what they are dealing with each time. They know how to do the repair, but will only be able to use that knowledge properly if they are given information including complete damage diagnosis and vehicle specific repair procedures.

After authorization to start the repairs, the car goes to the disassembly and assembly team to remove damaged parts and undamaged parts that need to be out of the way to allow repair. At the assembly stage after repair and paint, these same technicians will use current diagnostic tools to ensure that all systems in the vehicle are working as designed.

From here the metal repair techs take over, again working with current equipment including Wedge Clamp Rack to perform the precise repairs needed. The damage report written by the appraiser will include vehicle specific repair notes and these are closely followed

From repair the next step and the last before reassembly is paint.  We use the latest spray technology to apply Onyx-RM Waterborne Auto Body Paint to complete the best collision repair for your car and the environment.


Windshield Chip Repair Services

Chip in the windshield? No problem. Often, rock chips can be repaired for significantly less than the replacement deductible.

No appointment necessary – prevent the chip from spreading and clean up the damage in 30 minutes or less.

Windshield Replacement Services

Need a new windshield? No problem.
We can take your windshield from broken to beautiful faster than you’d think. We have regular daily glass deliveries so, even if your glass isn’t in stock, we can get you fixed up and back on the road in no time.

Windows Won’t Open?

With our in-house auto glass technician and auto mechanic we are able to offer complete auto glass repair services for window operation problems, including Advanced Electronic Repairs.

Accredited Insurance Auto Glass Repair Shop

We are able to handle all aspects of auto glass repair and windshield repair claims directly without a need for customer contact with your insurance company. We can contact your insurance company for you, order parts, schedule the service, and have you driving safely again, quickly and hassle free.
And we also provide no-cost vehicle pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience.

Related Auto Body & Auto Body Paint Damage

We’re your one stop shop when it comes to Auto Body Repair or Auto Body Paint Repair. Sometimes, there is auto body or paint damage at the same time as glass damage. We have the skilled technicians and equipment all under one roof – no hassle.


One of the three front office staff will become your dedicated account rep who will focus on your requirements and preferences.

We have in house capabilities that extend from autobody maintenance through collision repair and autoglass to full mechanical repairs. With these capabilities and a strong sublet network we can offer one call, one stop service with centralized billing, proactive maintenance, and full service from autobody maintenance and repair to collision repair, glass replacement suspension, mechanical service and pick-up and drop-off.

We work with and have direct billing relationships with all insurance companies and fleet management organizations.

Fleet Auto Body Repair & Maintenance

Autobody maintenance is very often overlooked; in fact most people do not realize it is needed at all. Hinges, latches and handles do wear and go out of adjustment, trim parts and mirrors can become loose or broken. Particularly with service vehicles, where the driver has a busy schedule worn or out of adjustments parts tend to not be noticed; until they fail completely. It is expected that with every second oil change the basic mechanical components of the vehicle are inspected, but it is equally important for reliable function that the operation and fit of body and trim parts be inspected as well.

A thorough interior and exterior detailing on a regular schedule will keep the vehicle looking professional and will also extend its useful life. Dirt and stains set in overtime and become much harder to remove, minor scratches on steel parts will rust and plastic on headlights and taillights can discolor. Often this cleanup is thought of at lease return time, but it makes more sense to do this on a regular basis and gain the benefits of a clean and tidy vehicle.

Repairs are often accident related but in many cases can be thought of as an extension of maintenance. A minor dent, broken mirror lens or misaligned bumper are in some situations the reason for a service stop, but as often these are caught at the maintenance inspection.

Collisions are more obvious and fall into two broad categories. If the vehicle is not safely drivable after the accident the schedule is obvious and urgent. If it is still safe to drive the repairs will still need to be done but the schedule may be less urgent.

Fleet Auto Glass Repair

Glass Replacement

Windshield and back glass replacement prices vary over a broad range with a few under $500 and some well over $1,000. Owners of most privately insured vehicles will use their comprehensive insurance coverage for windshield replacement. With a fleet policy the effect of claims on the subsequent year’s policy cost is calculated differently and it is sometimes more cost effective to pay directly without making a claim to reduce or avoid cost increases. We can provide the cost information needed to allow you to make the decision.

Most car and truck glass parts are available to us on same day delivery and specialty parts for commercial vehicles within two or three days. In some cases if a specific harder to source glass is needed for several of your vehicles we will keep stock to be ready when needed.
We do not offer mobile glass service but we do offer pickup and drop off.

Windshield Chip Repair

Small chips in the windshield can often be repaired at a cost of $47.50. The repair can be done in 30 minutes on a drop in basis. Paying a technician to drive out of his way and wait 30 minutes often does not make sense for our fleet clients and we are able to do this repair as a mobile service. Should you windshield break as a result of the repair, we would put this payment against your deductible.

Window Operation Problems

With our in-house auto glass technician and mechanic we are able to offer complete repair services for window operation problems.

Fleet Services

As our name suggests the main business of Able in Grove Collision is autobody repair. There have been many changes over the past 10 years in vehicle technology. As part of keeping current with these changes we have the most current equipment available and up to date training to complete your repairs in house. This allows us to do all aspects of a collision repair with a minimal need for sublet and also allows us to offer standalone services to our fleet customers.

We do not consider this to be the primary reason for the engagement of our services, but it does provide an alternative in an emergency, or the opportunity of one stop service if the vehicle is here for other work, whether autobody maintenance, autoglass or collision repair.